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    Medical facilities have faced a complete change with the coming of today’s technology. Medical facilities like surgeries, medication, and therapies have undergone a complete change which allows someone to go through a painless treatment. An additional which has come up with today’s technology will be the fast-paced treatment documentation with the help of several codes. These codes are called EKG cpt code. However in order to understand what CPT codes are, one should know where it’s used and what it really is used for. Where are CPT codes used? CPT codes mostly are employed by medical employees for communicating vital information regarding medicines, surgeries, treatments, etc. It really is mainly useful for financial and administrative purposes. What are CPT codes? CPT codes are a symbol of Current Procedural Terminology, a couple of scientific codes which can be maintained by the Ama for much better communication among medical employees. CPT codes are split up into three categories based upon what different elements utilized in the medical industry. These 3 categories are:• Category I: This category handles the different types of chemical components that are utilized in the healthcare industry. • Category II: This category deals with the various components which are found in clinical services. • Category III: This category deals with the various modern technologies that the employees use within their field. What exactly are CPT Codes 99201 and 99203 used for?The aforementioned CPT codes are a section of the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) and therefore are a part of the medical billing process. These codes are having different purposes plus they are stated below: CPT 99201This code is mainly employed for New Patient Office or any other Outpatient Services. This code describes the management of a patient through counselling by physicians or any other health care practitioners. The duration is around Ten minutes with direct face-to-face interaction with all the practitioner. CPT 99203This code is fairly like the above code except for that it’s of duration about 30 minutes. Henceforth, one can claim that CPT codes are secret codes that are utilized by doctors, health practitioners as well as other medical professionals in order to provide the right information in a really brief time.

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