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    Among the fashion accessories required on heavy-duty trucks is shocks. We all know, don’t adhere to a smooth road regularly and mostly roll on off roads which are rough and bumpy. Now, make a vehicle without shocks rolling off the road. The nissan titan tow package and structs can do a lot to take in the blows of a bumpy road to make the ride comfortable.In the present article, we list down some of the best shocks ideal for Nissan Titan but tend to find its application on vehicles of other brands.Rancho Quicklift Loaded leveling Shocks and Structs: It really is one of the better and affordable alternatives on our list because it increases the ground clearance by giving it an important lift. The shock absorber is not suitable for heavy-heavy-duty but tend to function quite well on trucks of moderate duty.Bilstein 5100 Series: Bilstein is among the trusted brands when it comes to nissan titan shocks and struts as they have maintained a linear standard over time. The 5100 series shocks are adjustable making it probably the most versatile products from Bilstein. The shock absorber is great for off-road activities as they possess a high breakage point making it suitable on trucks designed for adventure rides.Pro Comp Pro Runner Shocks and Struts: The product from Pro Comp is another excellent product meant for mild to moderate off-road activity. The monotube kind of the shock absorber can make it useful for rough roads. It is another affordable and accessible choice for our list.Fox 2.0 Performance Series Coil-Over IFP Shocks: This is among the best for nissan titan shock and struts because it has the coil-over system. The device is one of the most robust and many efficient shocks systems available today in the market. The all-in-one shock and spring system helps to make the truck safe enough to handle a myriad of heavy-duty off-road activities. Fox 2.5 Factory Series Coil-Over IFP Reservoir Shocks: It is another product from Fox that was sufficiently good to surpass the factors set by its predecessors. The shock absorbers from this particular manufacturer falls a bit on the higher side of the budget. The additional reservoir provided on this shock absorber helps to cool the coil and spring system significantly.

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